Sunday, 14 December 2014

Chaos at Walkabout: Bad BC Planning

My friend told me she had her Christmas party last Thursday and it was a night to remember. 

Naturally I was excited to hear all about it and more interested in what fancy food was eaten. Come Friday , we decided to skip cocktails and indulge in amazing Vietnamese Food as she began to unravel the story of a very interesting night.

The team had reserved a 'VIP' area in a  bar where they would have exclusive access to a bar and a personal server. A long day of meetings and being stuck in traffic for over an hour they all finally arrived to Walkabout.
  • The VIP section was just a bunch of tables joined together which 'looked like a police investigation scene';
  • The private bar area was closed due to a member of staff not turning up;
  • The team had to wait 50 minutes at the bar to order their food;
  • Finally when my friend got to the bar, she was greeted by an untrained new employee who couldn't figure out how to select starters from mains;
  • The kitchen couldn't cope with orders and food was coming out raw. (A customer sent an uncooked burger back 3 times);
  • The Starters were arriving at the same time as the main meals;and,
  • Finally when the food arrived , eager to dig in , guess what happened?
A BLACKOUT. The whole street had been affected.
  • Everyone evacuated in the dark. There was no process for this to happen. People were tripping over chairs and tables with utter chaos. 
  • It was raining heavily outside.
  • There were several security issues with this whole chaos process.
  • Too many people outside not knowing what to do etc.
What happened after? 
  • No one got to eat.
  • All tabs behind the bar were lost.
  • The failure in power meant all orders were lost so they couldn't track anything.
  • The team lost their cash behind the bar.
  • Most importantly, no one got to eat their food they paid for.
Hearing all the above, I sat there in utter shock and slight humour when we both blurted out that the chaos at walkabout was a great example of bad BC planning.

 Glad I wasn't there. :)

RISKercizing until next time..